10 Educational Gifts for Kids: Science Games and Experiments

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I am not going to lie, I kind of made this list based on science experiments and games that I want to do. I am fairly certain that science makes the best educational gifts for kids ever made. Reading a science book is a bit blah but hands on experiments and games? “Oh what fun it is to grow a crystal in my home.”

10 Great Educational Gifts for Kids Science

POOF-Slinky – Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Kit, 11-Activities, 0SA221 – Packed with “hair raising” experiments, this science kit includes step-by-step instructions for 11 awesome experiments. This Science Kit includes what your little scientist needs for his/her own science lab. Ages: 4+
Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 Kit – This kit will provide your child with hours of fun, giving them the experience of designing and building their own electrical circuits. Includes instructions for over 100 projects with more available online.  Ages: 7+
Thames & Kosmos 665004 Space Exploration Science Experiment Kit with 50-Pack Litmus Paper PH Strips – We are all about space. With this kit you, er, your child, can build rockets, build a telescope and star map, and create a model planet system. It also includes Litmus Paper PH Test Strip Indicators for more fun exploration into acids. Ages: 10+
4M Solar System Planetarium – Check out this sweet do it yourself model of the solar system. Includes the paint and everything you need to fully create it. Even better? It’s glow-in-the-dark. Ages: 7-15
The Magic School Bus – Chemistry Lab – Who doesn’t know and love the zany Ms. Frizzle? She takes your child on a Magic School Bus field trip. Young scientists will learn chemistry concepts and learn about chemistry with experiments. Ages: 5 – 12
Thames & Kosmos Crystal Growing – It was love at first sight. I saw this sweet crystal growing set at an event a year ago and think it’s time to buy it for the kids. Yes, it’s for the kids. Make your own rainbow of crystals. Ages: 10-15
OWI 14-in-1 Solar Robot – Build your own solar robot, or 14. My 11 year old would absolutely love this set. The instructions have 2 levels of instructions – easy and harder. The solar power is a great tool to help kids learn all about solar energy. Ages: 8-15
4M Tin Can Robot – What a cute little robot and it’s made from a soda can. With the help of AAA batteries this adorable little robot can actually move. Even better he is approved for even your preschooler, thought he is recommended for ages 8+. Safe for ages: 3+
SmartLab Toys That’s Gross Science Lab – The Gross Science Lab lets your child explore all things that look, feel, and smell gross for hours of fun. This kit requires common household items and includes 26 gross experiments. Ages: 8+
Thames & Kosmos 635213 Kids First Biology Lab Science Experiment Kit with Coloring Book – This introductory microscope kit lets you check out the cells of an onion, a wriggling earthworm, and basically anything with cells that you can put under the microscope. It includes 3 prepared slides and 4 blank slides to investigate whatever your little scientist’s heart desires. Ages: 8+

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10 educational gifts for kids science games experiments

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