Educational Gifts for Kids: Music

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NCW Affiliate DisclosureAlong with history and reading, I loved music class. I wasn’t always a fan of learning the technical parts of music but in the Mennonite church, where musical instruments weren’t allowed, we learned to sing and read sheet music starting in first grade. It gave me a good base for my love of writing music as a teenager. I didn’t do so hot on the rhythm part but eventually that came. Here are great music items that would make wonderful educational gifts for kids to explore their musical side.

10 great educational gifts for kids music | Heather at

Bontempi – Saxophone – This silver saxophone has 8 keys, can play the scale, and has color coded keys to help kids learn how to play the songs that accompanies it. It is 16.5 inches long and made ot of plastic with a silver finish. Ages: 3-7
Musical Pairs (The Game Series) – Play a matching game, Go Fish, or use these cards for review to help kids learn music notes.  This set includes 52 cards.
Great Composers 1000-Piece Puzzle – Explore the lives and music of great composers as you put together this 1000 piece puzzle. Designed to last, your children will have fun piecing together musical history with you. Ages: 6-15
Timeline Music & Cinema – From the roots of modern rock to the early days of motion pictures and the masterpieces of the classical composers,  this fun and educational game is all about the history of entertainment.  Your budding musician needs more than a classical music education, and this is a fun way to explore music culture. I bet mom and dad will have fun playing this one. Ages: 8-15
Muzundrum: The Game of Musicians– This 3 way crossword puzzle style game was created by composer and recording artist, J. S. Kingfisher.  Players will form triads and scales to complete the game. A basic working knowledge of key centers, major scales, and triad construction is needed. Players: 1-4 Ages: 12+
Dancing Challenge – Rhythm and beat game – Kids learn to follow directions and get their exercise as they learn rhythm and beats. A perfect way to burn off energy on rainy or cold days. Ages: 3+
54 Keys Keyboard Electronic Digital Piano – This keyboard comes fully equipped and makes a great starter keyboard with reasonable pricing for that child who is contemplating whether they want to play a piano or keyboard. Great for any age.
Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Sing-with-Me CD Player – This CD player is perfect for your toddler. They can get a start on learning ABC’s, colors, and numbers with fun music. Please note it is not an actual CD player. Ages: 6 months – 3 years
101 Music Games for Children: Fun and Learning with Rhythm and Song (SmartFun Activity Books) – This book has 101 games in different styles that encourage kids and adults alike in learning music through fun. It is used in homes and school in 13 different countries and you can use audio cassette or CD. Ages: Everyone
ALEX® Toys – Bathtime Fun Water Flutes 4005 – Make bath time fun for your little one with these fun water flutes. Waterproof music sheets are included and you can teach your child to learn music at a young age. They won’t even know they are “working”. Ages: 3 – 7

 10 great educational gifts for kids that encourage a love for music | Heather at

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