Joseph, A Sight and Sound Theatres Production

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Last week we had the opportunity to go see Joseph at Sight and Sound Theatres in Lancaster, PA. The curtain raises, the lights dim, the stars start to twinkle, and the Bible comes alive.

Joseph Sight and Sound Theatre Lancaster PA

Disclaimer: We received a family pack of tickets in exchange for sharing our experience. All opinions are my own. 

We love seeing productions at the Sight and Sound Theatre. With real animals and top quality sets, childhood Bible stories unfold before your eyes. Never in a child’s eye could one imagine a coat of many colors so vivid, dreams so magnificent, as Joseph is raised high on a sheaf of grain and then soars through the air, rising higher than the stars.

As the story of Joseph unfolds, we feel the agony of his brothers’ hatred, the loneliness in a strange country, the confusion and fear of one who has been betrayed, and the success of one who has been blessed by God. One of my favorite parts is that they bring live animals down the aisles and onto the stage, but knowing that is nothing compared to sitting there as a camel or two strolls down beside the aisle seat or goats invade the stage.

Sight and Sound did a spectacular  job of skillfully weaving a story that is relatable, bringing out the side of Joseph all who have been wronged can understand, yet showing his amazing trust and strength as he put his faith in his God. And yet, through it all, the overruling theme of forgiveness reigns – a story of forgiveness even toward those who would prefer you were dead.

Sight and Sound Theatres Lancaster PA

The show has a perfect blend of acting and music to pull even the younger family members in, but they also have a Family Room where you can take fussy babies or antsy little ones as the show is quite long at 2 and 1/2 hours. No matter what seat you have, the view is amazing and sucks the audience in, but the higher seats are likely to be more preferable for families with younger children as they may not be able to see over an adult’s head lower down.

Joseph is playing at Sight and Sound Theatre, Lancaster through October 17, 2015. Make sure you book your ticket before the show ends!

The concession stands are fairly priced and offer a nicer variety than fried fast food, with  hot dogs and wraps. We recommend the chicken bacon wrap and must advise you to get a Mr. Sticky sticky bun. They are delicious! Please note they do serve glazed almonds in the lobby so be careful if you have severe nut allergies.

Coming soon…

Miracle of Christmas

November 7, 2015 – January 2, 2016


March 12, 2016 – December 31, 2016

Samson Sight and Sound Theatre Lancaster PA

What’s your favorite show of all-time?

Learning Focus…

  • History – explore the time in History that this story takes place.
  • Drama – great way to explore the arts with kids and to show them that art takes many forms. Discuss the many art forms needed for the show to happen.
  • Music – explore writing music scores and lyrics. Look at the way the songs flow with the story.


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