Learning with Ultimate Pi Day Countdown

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Great math enrichment to teach kids pi - No Classroom Walls

Was Pi Day a thing before the internet made it big? I don’t remember ever celebrating Pi Day, but then I didn’t live a mainstream life so there is that. My son has been waiting for Ultimate Pi Day ever since he was born. I exaggerate since he didn’t even know it existed until a few years back, but if you aren’t in the math know, it’s apparently a very rare day.

Try a once-in-a-century kind of day since 3.14.15 can only happen every one hundred years. Because this is a big deal for my son, we are counting down to the ULTIMATE Pi Day with PIE and learning.

How can you incorporate learning into a just for fun kind of special day? Let’s countdown with 5 days of ULTIMATE Pi Day.

Day 4: Ultimate Pi Day Countdown

What is Pi?

  • Pi is the 16th Greek number, translated as ‘p’.
  • It is a numeric symbol for 3.14159265359 and on it goes into infinity.
  • Pi is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. (No, this isn’t dependent on the circle’s size.)
  • Pi is an irrational number. It never ends.

Today’s PIE is Steak and Mushroom Melt Pizza PIE.

Day 3 Ultimate Pi Day Celebration

Who discovered Pi?

Today’s PIE is Chocolate Cherry Hand Pies.

Day 2 Ultimate Pi Day Celebration

How do we use Pi?

  • Determine the area of a circle
  • Building bridges
  • Determining data about a tornado
  • Plumbing and pipes
  • Determining the size of your PIE slice

Today’s PIE is Strawberry Rhubarb Goat’s Cheese Pie.

Day 1 Ultimate Pi Day Celebration

Fun with Pi

  • Make a pie (or cake or pizza) and figure out its measurements.
  • Find circular objects through out the house, guess the ratio of their diameter to their circumference then measure to find out how close you were.
  • Great resource website for all things pi and kids

Today’s PIE is Roast Beef and Cheddar Pizza Pie.

Ultimate Pie Day

Now that we’ve learned all about pi, let’s celebrate Ultimate Pi Day with PIE! How about pie for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

Easy Breakfast Pizza | 6 Sisters’ Stuff

Chocolate Pumpkin Cream Cheese Whoopie Pies

JalapeƱo Pop ‘n’ Lock Pizza

What PIE are YOU eating for Ultimate Pi Day?

Math Enrichment: Learning Pi Countdown - No Classroom Walls

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