Math Fun with Educational Gifts for Kids

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Who’s ready for Christmas? If you are like me you don’t really want one more toy in your house. I have a much easier time spending money on educational gifts for the kids – games and activities that encourages learning fun rather than something that will sit collecting dust in just a few weeks. Over the next few weeks I will be sharing gift guides for educational gifts for kids of varying ages. Whether you are a homeschooler or want to enrich your child’s education, it is always easier to learn while having fun.

Get a jump on Black Friday shopping and Cyber Monday sales with these perfectly priced gifts.

10 educational gifts for kids math games 

Learning Resources Sum Swamp Game – Add, subtract, and make your way through the game. This game is perfect for practicing math and is designed for kids PreK+. Players: 2-4
ThinkFun Math Dice Jr. – Practice addition and subtraction up to 12 with this simple dice game. Designed for younger learners. Players: 2+ players
The Allowance® Game – This game teaches kids how to handle money. Adding, counting change, and identifying money values. Ages 5-11. Players: 2-4
Learning Resources Froggy Feeding Fun – Little ones can learn counting and colors while feeding the frog. Ages: 3-6
Learning Resources Pizza Fraction Fun – Use pizza to learn all things fractions! Ages: 6+ Players: 2-6
Melissa & Doug Shape Sorting Clock – This durable clock by a well known brand will be great play practice for your little one to learn shapes and time while practicing motor skills. Ages: 3 – 8
50 Counting Bears with 5 Cups – Perfect for your preschooler/kindergartener to divide into groups of colors and count.
Learning Resources Smart Snacks Counting Fun Fruit Bowl – Have fun imaginative play with these magnetic fruits while learning numbers. Ages: 3+
Bedtime Math: A Fun Excuse to Stay Up Late (Bedtime Math Series) – Explore math with a fun bedtime story. Ages: 3-7
Multiplication Bingo Game – Who doesn’t love a rousing game of BINGO? Perfect for kids of varying ages, it helps younger ones build number recognition. Ages: 5-10

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