Gym Class with Wubble

Summertime means tons of fun in the sun—OUTSIDE. I love that magical word, outside. It means less mess inside, tired out kids at the end of the day, and lots of exercise. We received a Wubble Bubble Ball to give a whirl and we were the neighborhood hit. First up, Wubble Ball inflation. The Wubble…

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How do Seedless Watermelons Grow?

How do we get seeedless watermelons

Just how do seedless watermelons grow? If they have no seeds, where do we get more seeds to grow them? Can we really call them seedless watermelons when they have little white seeds in them? My 11 year old had these questions just the other day so we researched just how seedless watermelons can grow…

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12 Tips for Regal Summer Movie Express

Tips for Regal Summer Movies and popcorn picture

I love summertime. It’s great to continue teaching and learning throughout the summer but it’s even better to make learning something the kids don’t even realize they are doing. It’s like sneaking school in underneath their noses. Even with that, sometimes it’s fun to do something just for fun. Regal Summer Movies are one of…

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Study Creatures and Deep Sea Exploration with 8 Live Cams

Study Creature Habits and Habitats or Deep Sea Exploration with Live Streaming Cams

There are so many fun ways we can learn about creatures by studying their habits and habitats. It isn’t always feasible to sit outside for hours, quietly watching and waiting to see something new. This is why online live streaming cameras can be such a great tool in your homeschool or educational enrichment. We searched…

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Welcome to No Classroom Walls


Welcome to No Classroom Walls. I am so excited to be getting this new blog off the ground. My goal for No Classroom Walls is to take learning outside the classroom into everyday life. No, we’re not unschoolers. We use cyber school with bookwork and online education combined but so much more learning happens outside…

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