School at Home with Franklin Virtual High School

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Want to homeschool but feel completely unprepared to teach your high school aged child? Today we have so many options that give parents the tools they need to give their child the best education, and private cyber schools that allow them to do school at home with the benefits of a teacher are one of them.

Franklin Virtual High School School at Home

Disclaimer: This post has been sponsored by Franklin Virtual High School in exchange for a donation to Activation ReACT. Opinions are my own. 

Why a private virtual school at home?

Some of us are blessed to live in states where we have access to public cyber schools. But what if we don’t have that option? What if that option just doesn’t fit our family for whatever reason? Our family has the philosophy that we will choose the method of education that fits each individual child. This means we have 3 children with 3 different school types – 2 are homeschooled with completely different types of curriculum and 1 is in a cyber school.

Our children thrive best when we find the education path that fits them best and that is our top goal for them – to find an affordable way to help them bloom and succeed – to love learning. For one of them that is best done with someone who comes beside us and helps him.

We can still rest in knowing our children have what they need if we want to school them at home but feel a little lacking or life throws us a new curve ball. Franklin Virtual High School is one privately funded virtual school that does just that, allowing you to do school at home with a safety net.

For many families, the high school years can feel a little daunting as workload and subject matter gets harder. Online schools like Franklin Virtual High School especially help as parents move into the high school years where we may not feel as confident in our abilities to teach everything our teenagers need to know.

How do I get started?

Franklin Virtual High School has a flexible enrollment so you don’t need to feel like you  missed the boat if you need to find a new school option mid-year. You can register your child for individual classes or even transfer credits from whatever school they were at previously. Each student has an adviser, homeroom teacher, and teachers who teach core and elective subject matter. Each teacher also monitors grades and progress so you can feel confident your child isn’t slipping behind and you can also access them yourself.

Best of all, it’s a fully accredited school and is affordable for families who need an option between home school an private brick and mortar school. Visit for more information and see if Franklin Virtual High School is a fit for your family. Best of all? With a virtual school you can “take a tour” on your time. We would also love if you would join us for an informational Twitter Party on February 2nd at 12 PM EST.

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