Who & Why

Hello and welcome to No Classroom Walls. I believe learning can be much more effective when book and classroom learning is paired with hands on activities and adventures outside the traditional classroom.

Find me…

Email: heatherlmccurdy@gmail.com

Facebook: No Classroom Walls

Twitter: @heatherlmccurdy

Pinterest: School and Homeschool

What You’ll Find Here…

I share ways your family can explore and make education fun with extracurricular activities no matter what type of schooling you choose for your family – from homeschool to private school to public school. I will have simple experiments and projects you can do at home and also share places you can explore as a family, whether it be your local neighborhood or on a family vacation. Let go of the preconceptions that learning has to happen at a desk and that a child even needs to know that the activity is “learning” and let’s adventure together. Please note I will sometimes include project or study suggestions but that is all they are – suggestions. Don’t feel you need to pair every trip or experiment with “book work”.

Open a book and visit imaginary lands

As words leap off the pages.

Crouch low to the ground and discover mini worlds so grand-

The bugs, the plants, the dirt, perhaps water in rain gauges.

Meet the Family…

Family Behind No Classroom Walls

Dave and Heather, aka Dad and Mom

Eabs (12), Kiebs (10), and Piglet (8)

Our Closest City…

Our family is currently in transition. We live near Philadelphia, but are awaiting a move to New Hampshire later this year.

Education Philosophy…

As parents it is our responsibility to thoughtfully (and prayerfully) consider what avenue of education not only fits each child, but the whole family. Educational choices aren’t always the easiest path but we believe it is important to choose the one that will make every single child grow and flourish. For our family this currently means we have 1 child in a public cyber school and 2 children who are traditionally homeschooled. We aren’t here to tell you what is best for your child, we just want to encourage you to explore education doing educational and extracurricular activities in fun ways with your children in whatever time you have with them.