How do Seedless Watermelons Grow?

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Just how do seedless watermelons grow? If they have no seeds, where do we get more seeds to grow them? Can we really call them seedless watermelons when they have little white seeds in them?

How do we get seeedless watermelons

My 11 year old had these questions just the other day so we researched just how seedless watermelons can grow when they don’t produce seeds.

Seedless Watermelon Facts

  • Seedless watermelons are not genetically modified (GMO).
  • Simply put, seedless watermelons are made by taking male pollen from a plant with 22 chromosomes and placing it on a female flower of a plant with 44 chromosomes. The resulting seed will have 33 chromosomes, which grows into seedless watermelon plants.
  • Seed germination is difficult because watermelon seeds need very warm temperatures. Even watering them reduces their temperature.
  • Seedless watermelons started being produced in the 1990’s.
  • It is more expensive to grow seedless watermelons due to the fact it is more difficult to germinate them.
  • It took a little work to make seedless watermelons as sweet and flavorful as they now are.
  • If you want to grow seedless watermelon, make sure to plant them next to seeded watermelon for pollination.
  • I don’t miss seeded watermelons except for the seed spitting contests my siblings and I use to have.

Who’s ready to plant a seedless watermelon? No? Just want to buy and eat? Not sure how to choose the perfect watermelon? The National Watermelon Board shared an easy How to choose a watermelon in 1,2,3. My curious 11 year old is here to help us out with a few pictures.

How to Choose a Watermelon

How to pick a watermelon 11. Choose a watermelon that is mostly smooth. Small dents are okay but say no to gashes and large blemishes.

How to pick a watermelon 22. Look for a soft buttery yellow spot. Say no to perfectly green watermelons. That spot means they’ve been sun ripened.

how to pick a watermelon 33. Heavier is better. Watermelon is made of 92% water. It should FEEL heavier than it LOOKS.

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