Gym Class with Wubble

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Wubble Ball Disclosure

Summertime means tons of fun in the sun—OUTSIDE. I love that magical word, outside. It means less mess inside, tired out kids at the end of the day, and lots of exercise. We received a Wubble Bubble Ball to give a whirl and we were the neighborhood hit.

fun with Wubble Ball

First up, Wubble Ball inflation. The Wubble Bubble Ball can seem a little tricky to inflate. I found that I wasn’t putting the inflation tube in far enough. Once I watched this video it was inflated in minutes.  The kids were anxiously awaiting the opportunity to play so I let them loose with it. One thing about playing with it, especially outside, is that sharp objects will puncture it. Goodbye fun! The best thing is to play with it in a large open area.

Wubble Ball parts

They had fun bouncing it off their heads and playing Dodge Ball and catch. The Wubble Ball is fun because it is very buoyant and flies through the air easily. It is designed for kids 6+ and comes in pink or blue. Since we have little storage space I love that you can deflate it when it isn’t being used and it is washable.

kids playing with wubble ball

Flop on it, bop it, kick it and have fun. You might even find me lightly bouncing it for minutes on end. It has an oddly calming effect.

Kids Weigh In

11 year old – The Wubble Ball is cool. I like how it floats and looks like a bubble. When you hit it it kind of hits like a bubble without popping or like a rubber ball.

9 year old – I like the Wubble Ball because you can smack it, hit it , and punch it without it popping. Just make sure you catch it with the palms of your hands because your fingernails can pop it.

6 year old – I like the Wubble Ball because it’s squishy. It goes high. I don’t like that  it can get a hole.

Wubble Ball Squishes without Popping

Where can you  find Wubble Ball?


The Wubble Ball is $19.99 with inflater and $8.99 without on

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